XCMG Excavator
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Brand Product Picture Bucket capacity Operating weight Max digging height Max digging reach
XCMG Excavator XE15 0.044CBM (standard) 1640kgs 3615mm 3915mm
XCMG Excavator XE40C 0.14CBM (standard) 4050kgs 5320mm 5810mm
XCMG Excavator XE60C 0.25CBM (standard) 6200kgs 5630mm 6130mm
XCMG Excavator XE80CA 0.34CBM (standard) 7700/8100kgs 7165mm 6295mm
XCMG Excavator XE135B 0.52CBM (standard) 13800kgs 8641mm 8296mm
XCMG Excavator XE150D 0.61CBM (standard) 14400kgs 6181mm 8296mm
XCMG Excavator XE215C 0.93CBM (standard) 21450kgs 9640mm 9925mm
XCMG Excavator XE215CLL 0.5CBM (standard) 22350kgs 13250mm 15394mm
XCMG Excavator XE235C 1CBM (standard) 23500kgs 9595mm 10240mm
XCMG Excavator XE265C 1.2 CBM (standard) 25500kgs 9662mm 10240mm
XCMG Excavator XE265CLL 0.4 CBM (standard) 27500kgs 13800mm 18258mm
XCMG Excavator XE335C 1.4 CBM (standard) 33800kgs 7256mm 10887mm
XCMG Excavator XE370CA 1.6 CBM (standard) 36600kgs 9662mm 10240mm
XCMG Excavator XE470C 2.2 CBM (standard) 25546100kgs 9662mm 10240mm
XCMG Excavator XE500C 2.2 CBM (standard) 47300kgs 10675mm 11631mm
XCMG Excavator XE700C 2.8 CBM (standard) 680000kgs 11350mm 11580mm
XCMG Excavator XE900C 3.5 CBM (standard) 88800kgs 12060mm 12330mm
XCMG Excavator XE1300C 5 CBM (standard) 125000kgs 13400mm 15340mm
XCMG Excavator JYL615E 0.55 CBM (standard) 15000kgs 6180mm 5110mm
XCMG Excavator JYL619E 0.8 CBM (standard) 21000kgs 5735mm 9445mm
XCMG Excavator JYL621E 0.9 CBM (standard) 21000kgs 5915mm 9615mm
Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) has stood at the forefront of the Chinese construction machinery industry. It has various capacity excavator from mini, medium to large tonnages. Based on the high technology from XCMG, its excavator can work in high efficiency with convenient maintenance and comfortable operations for customers. It can be widely used in the excavation of building, tunnel construction, quarry, rickyard…
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