Motor grader
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Brand Product Picture Operating weight Rated power/speed Moldboard Maximum lift above ground Maximum depth of cutting
XCMG Motor grader GR100 7 tons 75/2400kw/rpm 3048×500mm 300mm 350mm
XCMG Motor grader GR135 11 tons 100/2200kw/rpm 3660×610mm 410mm 535mm
XCMG Motor grader GR165 15 tons 125kW/2200rpm 3965×610mm 450mm 500mm
XCMG Motor grader GR180 15.4tons 140kW/2300rpm 3965×610mm 450mm 500mm
XCMG Motor grader GR215/GR215A 16tons 160kW/2200rpm 4270×610mm 500mm 360mm
XCMG Motor grader GR230 16.5 tons 172kW/2200rpm 4270×610mm 450mm 500mm
XCMG Motor grader GR260 24 tons 194kW/2200rpm 4572×787mm 450mm 500mm
XCMG Motor grader GR300 26tons 224kW/2100rpm 4920×787mm 450mm 500mm
 Motor grader is one of our hot sale machinery .It is vey common used in road construction after road roller compaction .We equip Shangchai or Cummins engine to guarantee enough power supply during working. The power range from 135-300 hp. For this sort of machinery ,we always suggest to match some optional configurations ,such as air conditioner ,front mould board ,tear ripper ,blade .to meet various working requirements . 提交
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