XCMG Truck Crane
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Brand Product Picture Max. rated total lifting capacity Fully extended boom Fully extended boom+jib Engine model Total weight in travel
XCMG Truck crane QY8B.5 8T 19M 25.3M YC4E140-30 10490kg
XCMG Truck crane QY12B.5 12T 23M 29.4M 6C215、WD415.21、SC8DK230Q3 16000kg
XCMG Truck crane QY16B.5 & QY16G.5 16T 31.1M 39.4M WD415.21 SC8DK230Q3 24000/23900kg
XCMG Truck crane QY20B.5 & QY20G.5 20T 32.76M 42.12M SC8DK260Q3 WD615.327 26020kg
XCMG Truck crane QY25B.5&QY25K-II&QY25K5-I&XCT25E 25T 34.19; 34.19; 38.6; 40 42.3;42.15;47.6;40.83 SC8DK260Q3 29000kg
XCMG Truck crane QY30K5-I & XCT30E 30T 40.4M 41M 48.7M 49.3M SC8DK280Q3 SC9DF300Q3 WD615.329 32400/33490kg
XCMG Truck crane QY35K5 35T 40.4M 41M 48.7M 49.3M SC8DK280Q3 SC9DF300Q3 WD615.329 36930kg
XCMG Truck crane QY40K 40T 40.1M 55.1M WD615.329 40400kg
XCMG Truck crane QY50B.5 & QY50KA & XCT50E 50T 42.58; 42.7;43.3 55.8;57.7;59.3 WD615.338; WD615.334 42000/41000/42490kg
XCMG Truck crane QY60K 60T 42M 58M Hangfa WD615.338 41000kg
XCMG Truck crane XCT70E&QY70K-I 70T 45M 44.5M 61M 59.5M Hangfa WD615.338 44490kg  
XCMG Truck crane XCT80 80T 47.5M 64M WP12.375NMC11.39-30 50000kg
XCMG Truck crane QY90KA 90T 50.9M 70.4M superstructure TAD720VE TAD750VE Carrier WP12.430N 53000kg
XCMG Truck crane QY100K-I 100T 50.9M 70.4M Upper:Volvo TAD720VE/TAD750VE      Chassis:Weichai WP12.430N 54900/58000kg
XCMG Truck crane QY100K 110T 58M 76.1M OM906LA/OM460LA 54900/58000kg
XCMG Truck crane QY130K-I 130T 58.9M 86.9M Upper:Volve TAD720VE       Chassis:weichai WP13.480E30 6200kg
XCMG Truck crane QY160K 160T 58M 76.1M OM460LA.E3A/1 54900kg
XCMG Truck crane XCT220 220T 68M 99.6M OM460LA.E3A/1 65000kg
 XCMG is 119th in the list of China's Top 500 Companies, XCMG Crane covers XCMG Truck Crane, XCMG Crawler Crane, XCMG All Terrain Crane, XCMG Truck Mounted Crane,. XCMG Truck Crane has models from 8ton to 160ton, they have been widely used in the road, bridge, buiding constructions. They also play an important part in the rescue. We adopt advanced design and device to make the truck crane safer and easier for operation. The biggest advantage is easier to maintain and has reliable quality. Truck Crane XCMG has been a world famous and top brand in all China truck crane. Now XCMG Hydrulic Tuck Crane QY8B.5, QY25K-II, QY35K5,QY100K-I is our star products. They are well known in the world. XCMG truck crane has been exported to South Africa, Russia, Thailand and so on. We got many good praises from customers in the world. We are waiting for your choice!
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