xcmg Wheel loader
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Brand Product Picture Rated load Bucket capacity Operating weight Dumping height Dumping distance
XCMG Wheel loader ZL50G 5 tons 3m3 18 tons 3090mm 1130mm
XCMG Wheel loader ZL50GN 5 tons 3m3 17.5 tons 3090mm 1130mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW300F/LW300FN 0-3 tons 1.8 m3 10 tons 2892mm 1104mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW200K 2 tons 0.9-1.1m3 12-12.7 tons 2350/2700mm 900mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW400KN 4 tons 2.4 m3 14.2 tons 2840mm 1101mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW500KL/ LW500FN/LW500KN 5 tons 3.0 m3 16.5-17 tons 3090mm 1130mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW600KN 6 tons 3.5m3 20 tons 3200mm 1268mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW800K 8 tons 4.5m3 28.5 tons 3400mm 1400mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW900KN 9 tons 5m3 29.5 tons 3400mm 1400mm
XCMG Wheel loader LW1200K 12 tons 6.5m3 48 tons 3728mm 1861mm

XCMG Wheel Loader is one of the most popular China Loader brand in the world. We supply about 30 models mechanical control or pilot control XCMG Loader, from 1.6 tons to 12 tons to meet all kinds working conditions. For many models, air conditioner ,sliding yoke , side dumping  bucket , cutting edge bucket ,higher dumping height ,could be chose according to user’s requirements. in China there are many front loader brand, and China XCMG has been very populr.  Besides the whole machinery , we also supply spare parts for annually maintain.

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